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We offer full in-house print finishing.

Print finishing is the process that happens after the printing has been completed. It’s the process that cuts, creases and binds the product ready for delivery and is a crucial process to the job your product needs to do for you.

We have an original Heidelberg Cylinder, dating back to the 1950’s, which we have converted to a cutting and creasing machine. Using bespoke dies it performs an important role within Mercia for the cutting out and creasing of folders and shapes. Even with today’s technology the cylinder provides Mercia with an efficient die-cutting service.

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Our Internal Process

Quality is imperative to a successful printing company and here at Mercia quality is never compromised. To ensure that a high level of quality is maintained at all times we have a proven quality management system in place. All employees are trained and refreshed on a regular basis and are fully aware that these standards must always be adhered to.

Following the quote and design approval and before each job is sent to print, the client is provided with a PDF proof for final sign off.

If required, they can also view a printed contract proof which is matched on the press at printing stage to ensure colour matching. A sign off on press is also available, if required. A mock-up of a finished job (i.e. 28pp A4) can also be provided to view the finished job before print.

The approved proof is matched for colour and content on the press along with the latest densitometer equipment to match ink percentages.

Using the latest technology the press receives ink levels and percentages applicable to each job direct from the repro department to ensure that these match the proofs and artwork provided.

Each finishing process is quality managed and signed off through each process. This is overseen by our finishing manager and print manager ensuring we always meet our high standards of quality.

Throughout this entire stage we will be there to support you and your business to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want.


Adding Value at Each Stage

From design, through to stock control and distribution, we provide a dedicated account and product management service tailored to your individual needs – so that your business can stand out in today’s competitive marketplace with our support.

We have the skills and expertise to develop your thoughts into imaginative design, fulfilling your brief both in terms of creativity and budget. Plus, with all the latest equipment and technology we produce the whole job in-house, negating time and costs on using a third party for laminating or finishing.

Direct Mail projects are also fully produced and managed in house. So any campaign you want can be printed, finished, folded, stuffed and posted all via our in-house production

With a wealth of experience, you can be confident we will deliver an efficient, reliable high quality result to any project.

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