Marketing Portals

React Faster, Control Brand, Manage Compliance

The latest Web 2 Print software has evolved into a comprehensive marketing portal. Introducing our “all in one” brand-marketing hub, focused on getting the right message on the right document at the right time.

Give users 24/7 access to print and digital marketing materials with bespoke editable artwork templates that are “100% on brand” – all in one cost effective cloud-based portal. Access from any location on mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop.

EMPOWERS ORGANISATIONS with multiple locations, distributors or franchises to

  • Achieve faster time to market – through self-service rather than central control
  • Control Brand – ensuring consistency across the business
  • Manage Compliance – stress free version control and legal compliance
  • Enable Users – to personalise, customise and localise content
  • Save Time – so Central Marketing can focus on bigger projects that drive revenues and profit
  • Reduce Costs – avoid external design costs and agency costs

USERS can create personalised “on-brand” artwork in minutes

  • Customise images and text to suit the target audience
  • Instantly view a PDF preview
  • Place a print order or download digital artwork for immediate use

CENTRAL MARKETING can streamline workflow

  • Lock down critical elements and layouts to protect brand guidelines
  • Create libraries of pre-approved images
  • Auto fill user’s contact details
  • Easily manage version control
  • Set up approval processes for specific templates

Stress-free managed service

We provide our brand-marketing hub as a managed service so you can relax as our expert team builds the templates, sorts the back office and collaborates with your in-house designer or external design agency to ensure templates stay on brand every time.

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