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Why All Businesses Should Add Print To Their Marketing Campaigns!

We are already 1 month in to 2019 and in this ever growing age of Digital Marketing, a lot of businesses think all of their marketing campaigns should be done online. In this article we will explain why all businesses should add print in to their marketing campaigns and what the benefits are of doing this.

It’s personal

Studies have shown that consumers prefer to have something that they can physically open, making them feel like you have gone in to more effort to reach out to them. By using personalisation software you are able to personalise each printed page with different text and images without slowing down the printing process. For example, personalised flyers can be printed with a different name and address on each letter by simply using information from a database or external file.

Trust in print

There are so many links out there that get sent to your email inbox potentially harming your computer or smartphone, meaning overall a lot of people are always a little bit hesitant when opening different links. Print is completely the opposite, in a digital world of hackers and viruses, printed media completely avoids those risks, resulting in more people trusting print over any other form of media.

Inboxes are cluttered

Most email inboxes are filled with offers, deals and notifications but along with that comes a lot of spam that most people will just get rid of, meaning some of your email marketing could be mistaken and deleted. People will take time when they’re opening direct mail as there is something special about opening a letter that is personal to you, this means your customers are more likely to pay attention to the message that you’re trying to get across, with studies showing that 79% of consumers will act on post immediately, while only 45% will deal with an email straight away.

Standing out

On average, people take 15 seconds on a website before making a decision about the company. With good design, print stands out and really grabs the reader’s attention, meaning they are far more likely to continue reading your message, giving you more chance of acquiring their business. If your competitors are only using digital marketing, using print will give your prospective clients something they can engage with and that might just win you clients.

The perfect partnership

By no means are we saying print is the only channel you should have in your campaign, we believe that both print and digital marketing are perfect partners and are crucial elements in a marketing campaign. If you refer to your Social Media and Website on your printed marketing, your audience are more likely to go and visit your online channels once they’re finished with your printed marketing. As a business, you never want to be repetitive so including both print and digital marketing will keep everything fresh and keep your reader thinking of your business

To conclude

Having been in the print industry for 30 years we see a lot of people saying “Print is dead” but if you look at the facts, you can see that is simply not true. Print is a crucial element in any businesses marketing plan and when it is done properly, can really help a campaign reach new heights. Working hand in hand with digital, print marketing is an exceptional way of promoting your business and gives your target audience something different that they won’t be expecting. This will give them a lasting impression on your business and could just put you one step ahead of your competitors.

January 30th, 2019 – Tom Lacey

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