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Mercia’s Marketing Derby Event Success

On Thursday 2nd August we held our own Marketing Derby Bondholder event where business professionals from all around Derbyshire came together to network and talk about all things business, as well as learn about us of course!

On the day we had over 80 people attend the event which was way more than we initially expected, so it was great to see that so many different people wanted to see what we do and how we do it.

Upon arrival, our guests were required to pose for a funny photo using one of the props supplied:

  • A wine glass and bottle
  • A beer glass and bottle
  • A football
  • 2 Oscars trophies

The photos, taken by ‘AV IT Media, looked amazing and once they were taken, they were sent up to the studio to be personalised within the guests very own “Mercia News” front page!

Then groups were taken upstairs where they would have a quick introduction from our MD, Amanda Strong, talking about how Personalised Direct Mail can help businesses grow at a time where GDPR legislation may be restricting email use, as well as speaking with Ian Jackson, our Web 2 Print Specialist, who gave a brief overview and showed the benefits that Web 2 Print can have on a business.

Following that, our guests joined our Sales Director, Paul Ross, for a factory tour where they were shown the wide variety of machinery that we have, as well as a description about what each piece of equipment does and how it benefits the final outcome of our client’s print.

Once our 80+ guests finished this, they were presented with their very own copy of “Mercia News” all of which had a different main article image, personalised name, personalised business name and finally a little hidden personalised number plate on a car in the corner. This was to show the vast possibilities that personalisation can bring to a business’s marketing campaigns as well as a nice little gift for our visitors.

The event was a great success as we managed to show the power of personalisation, meet come new faces and show people exactly what happens at Mercia. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to come to the event and we would also like to say a big thank you to Hatters for the amazing canapes and tasty treats!

Here’s some examples of the different “Mercia News” front pages:



(Pictures: Top Left: Robert Dawes, Future Proof Films | Top Right: Jade Worboys, Champions UK Plc | Bottom Left: Musta Munyawiri, Frogspark | Bottom Right: David Torrington, Sky Recruitment)

Make sure you check out the amazing video that the guys at ‘AV IT Media produced on the day of the event!

August 10th, 2018 – Tom Lacey

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